About our Services

(Intercultural) skills training and development

A selection of our most frequently requested training topics:

  • Interpersonal Communication skills
    Communicate effectively and appropriately with various personality types in diverse settings.
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
    Plan, structure and deliver powerful and persuasive presentations and speeches.
  • Time and self management
    Gain insights, tools, strategies and the motivation to organise your time and activities effectively and efficiently.
  • Conflict resolution
    Resolve existing conflicts constructively and prevent new conflicts from arising.
  • Influencing and negotiation skills (in a matrix organization)
    Convince stakeholders and maximise your influence on key decisions within the organisation.
    Management and leadership development
    Acquire a broad spectrum of essential competences to be a mature and inspiring leader.
  • Performance management, appraisals and feedback
    Determine criteria, monitor and evaluate performance - motivate and optimise individual and team output.
  • Train-the-trainer
    Design, develop and deliver impactful training programmes that maximize learning retention.

Every skills training programme is tailor-made to your needs, requirements and context. All training can be delivered globally, to national or international groups, in Dutch or English.